What is Franchise Marketing Hub?

A unique platform for Franchisors to empower their Franchisees, as part of their marketing package.

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How does it work?


Create Campaigns

You create the campaigns using our simple-to-use tool. Your Franchisees personalise the sections you decide on.



Franchisees promote their campaigns quickly and easily using our easy-to-use tools, on social media, our Facebook Ad Platform email or SMS.


Manage Campaigns

Franchisees use our tools and analytics to manage enquiries and sales leads, see what their leads have cost etc.

Why You Need it!

You can offer your franchisees a fully integrated social media solution and track their marketing activity, their successful leads and conversion rates.

Franchise Marketing Hub is the solution...

It will help you sign more Franchisees

It will help those Franchisees sell more

It will PROTECT your brand on line

It will raise the profile of your business

It will make your life easier!